Automatic Cement spreader


Our cement spreader is not only built for the roading industry but is also automated to take the guesswork out of the process. Various width multi-gates allow maximum flexibility.

An automated cement spreader with a PLC system controlling accurate cement desposition for road stabilisation purposes. Various rotor size options are available to optimise the output to typical intended use.

Overwidth sign panels are provided, with sockets for flags. LED lighting is provided and wired into the truck via connectors. The unit is fully removable via hydraulic and air quick connects when required. Rear tailgates are modified to accept the cement spreader. The cement spreader is removable out of season allowing full optimised use of the truck. The cement bin is constructed to match the truck internal bin dimensions and is supplied with easy mounting points.

An emergency stop is fitted to the rear of the truck. Cement output is specified in kg/m2 and the controls feed the required rate irrespective of the truck speed. Both heavy PVC covered and hard top versions are available. Hard top bulk loading bins include filling bindicators and inbuilt dustcollecters to avoid outside air pollution. A hard 2 pak paint finish is provided as standard. Dust skirts are also available as an option.

Our cement spreaders have refined for businesses requiring a no nonsense reliable spreader they can count on.

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