Portable vacuum tank TE4K-P (Now Sold)


Item not sold anymore

4000Ltr Vacuum tank which can be hired for short or long term to meet interim business needs.Rates vary based on hire period.

Everyone knows we build great vacuum systems… so now we have expanded our service offerings. We have pleasure in announcing a new concept to the New Zealand market. Our customers now have the ability to hire our own TE4KP vacuum system. Ideally suited for liquid waste, or if on a tipper, this unit can undertake light hydro work in tight spaces with a 2" hose.

We have combined one of our durable MaxiVax 4000 Ltr tanks with a Moro70 pump and added a quiet 21HP V twin petrol engine. We have also fitted 100MM, 75MM and 2 x 50MM inlet combinations for extra versatility. This makes for an exciting combination capable of meeting the most delicate through to heaver sludgy work.

Potential uses range from septic tanks, drain cleaning, troughs, post holes or excavation in locations you cant access with mechanical diggers, or where you know services are present you dont want to damage where you are digging and even liquid spills. It's basically a supersized wet vacuum cleaner capable of sucking up pretty much anything that can fit through the 2" pipe!

Combine it with a flat deck tipper truck, or heavy trailer and you have an instant very capable unit which can meet your immediate short term needs.

Hire it while we build you your next tank,
Hire it for a short term for overflow work,
Hire it for that special site job,
Hire it to test a new business venture before committing to it…

anyway you think about it... it just makes great business sense!

Rates vary on hirage periods and terms and conditions apply.
TE4KP hire system specifications

  •   4000 Ltr MaxiVax tank
  • Moro70 High capacity pump
  • 300 CFM @1200RPM
  • -25” HG, +5PSI
  • 21HP V-twin petrol motor
  • Class 6 infectious substance, cat B
  • 4”, 3”, and 2 x 2” inlets
  • 600 dia manway
  • 4” outlet on manway
  • 4” wash out hatch
  • Internal removable baffle
  • 10 metres of 2” flexihose
  • Vacuum and pressure reliefs
  • 4 Truck tie down points on tank
  • Overall 2.1W x 3.5L x 1.98H
  • Base 2.31 x 1.97
  • Tare 1260Kg’s

Postal Address
PO Box 5117 Frankton Hamilton New Zealand 3242
Physical Address
5 Belfast Place Frankton Hamilton New Zeland
07 847 3218