Flamethrower attachment

$197.80 ($172.00 excl GST) each

  • Burns all scrub & gorse, brushweeds, blackberry, weeds, prunings etc
  • Fits “Solo” knapsack sprayer, no adaptor necessary. Can be easily adapted to other brands of sprayers, simply unscrew the spray wand from the hand valve & re-screw the flamethrower in place
  • Simple & robust, long lasting design with no moving parts
  • Uses common farm fuels (diesel/kerosene)
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly as no dangerous chemicals to use or leach into soil or water table and clean burning. Ideal for small blocks & weed control close to habitation
  • Easily replaceable jet and wicks available separately
  • Manufactured by our company for over ten years, used by professional scrub clearing teams
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Physical Address
5 Belfast Place Frankton Hamilton New Zeland
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