General Engineering Services

General Engineering Design

We aim to deliver general engineering solutions that are tailored to suit your requirements and are only too happy to come and see you and to work with you on your needs. In many cases, our design expertise can lead to reducing cost and increasing the quality of the build. Our general engineering service naturally includes free quotations and on-site measuring if required, or if requested straight build from plans to tolerances in a production manner.

General Engineering

All types of general engineering is undertaken ranging from large to small in either mild or high tensile steels, stainless steels aluminums and plastics;

  • Machining or fitting work
  • Metalwork for displays or features
  • Heavy fabrication involving plate or beams
  • Structural steel fabrication for both commercial and residential
  • Crane rail work and gantry build, and maintenance services
  • Balustrades, stairs, landings, walkways, handrails, gates, signage, trailers etc.
  • All work is available in a variety of finishes including galvanizing, painting, powder coated, electroplating, polishing, etc.


Cook and Galloway General Engineers have extensive fabrication capabilities including;

  • Production of heavier grades of expanded mesh for the steel industry suppliers of NZ, and specialty runs for architectural or special production requirements for specific industry needs such as aluminum
  • Production of storage and liquid pressure vessels, either fully completed or in a kit form. These can be to our stock design or your own depending on your needs
  • Production of compressible gas vessels to AS1210 and certified design
  • Construction of vacuum tanks ranging from just the tank for others to complete through to complete trucks ready to go
  • Paddock vacuum cleaners for horse manure
  • Roading chip roller spreaders and cement spreaders manufacture and installation
  • Trucking, farming and agricultural vehicle modifications
  • Farming/agricultural implement design and build including fertilizer spreader manufacture and slurry tankers
  • Special one off or low production volumes build
  • Simple and complex steel fabrication


We also provide extensive maintenance support for the transport, farming and agricultural plus manufacturing industry sectors.

  • Truck and trailer maintenance work including running steelwork repairs, deck repair and replacement, specialized trucks, vacuum trucks etc
  • Construction equipment repairs, diggers, graders, buckets, hardfacing, etc
  • Agricultural equipment repairs and rebuilds
  • Scheduled maintenance programmes for production line focused companies. This can either be preventative maintenance, including repairs as required and or modification for production line equipment to meet new requirements.

Steel Sales

We have a wide selection of steel and/or plate in stock with a full variety of cutting services available for all lengths and/or shapes.

Welding Services Expanded Mesh "Grid Mesh" Structural Steel Fabrication Finished product frabrication

Jetpatcher We produce export items that require a consistently high standard of workmanship at a competitive international price. Cook and Galloway General Engineers have been supporting our business for over fifteen years now.

We use Cook and Galloway General Engineers because of the way they listen to us and the way they deliver exactly what we request when we request it. Changes can be implemented at short notice if required and can be relied upon.

Cook and Galloway go out of their way to help make it easier for us. It is easy to see why we have been in business with them for so long. We look happily forward to many more years of continued relationship with them.

Jim Turnbull - Director Jetpatcher Corporation (NZ) Ltd
Jim Turnbull
Director - Jetpatcher Corporation (NZ) Ltd

Hynds Pipe Systems Hynds Pipe Systems Ltd has enjoyed an excellent relationship with Cook and Galloway General Engineers since our company started business in the late 70's.

Over the years the general engineering service provided by Cook and Galloway has been exceptional. Their attitude, from owners/management through to the shop floor, cannot be faulted - without question they have gone the extra mile to ensure that Hynds could meet promises we had made to our customers. This has often been in trying circumstances, always to strict tolerances and tight budgets. We have particularly appreciated their attention to detail and their ability to foresee problems that we might have in manufacture then working together on deriving solutions.

Our association with Cook and Galloway General Engineers has been a key factor in our company's success and we look forward to the relationship that we have going from strength to strength.

Malcom Meacham - Executive Director Hynds Pipe Systems
Malcolm Meacham
Executive Director - Hynds Pipe Systems

CraFarms CraFarms have a long history with Cook and Galloway, using their pressure tanks and other engineering services within our large-scale farming operations. When the time came to seek more efficient effluent management solutions, Cook and Galloway was the first engineering firm we contacted.

We were really impressed with how accommodating the team at Cook and Galloway were, listening to our needs and coming up with a new tanker design that works extremely well. Because this large task (4x 20,000ltr road legal tankers) was undertaken with great efficiency, and excellent communication including regular updates from Bruce, we are positive that we chose the right team for the job.

Robert Crafar - Machinery Manager CraFarms
Robert Crafar
Machinery Manager - CraFarms